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2/19/2024: i did a lot! made movable elements, updated the stamp page, fixed the audio again (grr chrome autoplay policy grrr) and fixed the contact page! :D

11/14/2023: added a page for my school. also sorry i havent been updating this thing lol, ive been busy.

8/13/2023: added a contact page w/ riku!

8/6/2023: added a counter ahahaha

7/22/2023: ACTUALLY fixed the music (the prev thing i used was iframes, now i used actual <audio> elements)

7/13/2023: moved the stamps, and added the commissions page, along with a page to the void archives

6/26/2023: fixed the music sometimes not playing, and added a new poll + "previous polls" tab.

5/23/2023: joined some webrings lol

5/22/2023: hello mortals!

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